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Salt Separation Services Limited is an independent water treatment company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of water treatment systems.

The company works in the offshore oil and gas, marine (both naval and commercial) and industrial markets, concentrating on membrane separation processes, predominantly Reverse Osmosis (RO) and NanoFiltration, to desalinate water for drinking, process and industrial purposes.

Our experience covers a wide range of plant types, from low pressure RO for the treatment of tap water through to high pressure seawater RO desalination for fresh water production on-board ships, offshore platforms and on land.

We are able to manufacture plants of all sizes, from a 1m3/d package desalination plant through to custom built packages as large as 2,000m3/d installed on-site. Plants can also be offered designed and constructed inside standard ISO containers or trailer mounted, thereby allowing quick hook-up and commissioning.

Salt Separation Services are also able to supply and support other water treatment equipment, including softeners, ion exchange plant, filtration systems and UV disinfection equipment.