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Our Services

Salt Separation Services are able to provide fast and reliable water treatment hire plant packages to meet your process requirements.

We understand that industries depend on water for production and that frequent interruptions in water supply can cause severe problems to your business.

Salt Separation Services have a number of RO plant hire options that are available to meet peak demand periods, cover equipment breakdown/maintenance periods as well as for plant commissioning and pilot plant trials.

Salt Separation Services design capability plays a pivotal role in the success of every project.

Our in-house process, mechanical and electrical engineering expertise is employed in designing all types of plant, from complex bespoke waste water treatment packages to suit a specific space envelope to stand alone filter units.

Salt Separation Services have a dedicated Service & Commissioning department who are able to manage and maintain your water treatment equipment to ensure it operates correctly and to prevent downtime and failures.

Our engineers are also able to carry out Servicing on other manufacturer's equipment as well as our own. We offer a competitive range of Service Contracts tailored to suit individual client’s needs. We are also able to offer client specific fixed price multi-year contracts to assist in long term planning.

Salt Separation Services has a dedicated spares department that prides itself on being able to offer you the very best service with regards to spares support.

We are able to offer the full range of support spares for equipment manufactured by ourselves and we generally carry a large number of these parts in stock. Our spares department is also able to identify and supply replacement parts and consumables for any manufacturers RO plant.

Our very experienced staff are able to suggest suitable replacement equipment, particularly useful when meeting urgent demands or potentially reducing costs.