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Salt Separation Services have recently enlisted the help of East Lancashire Railway for a storage solution for our largest seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Two of these plants have to be delivered to our customer by the end of April 2015 (and cannot be delivered early). With each plant weighing 16000 kgs and measuring 12.6 meters long, an off-site storage facility was required so that we could manufacture the second plant whilst continuing with other work on our busy shopfloor. 

One of our Field Service Engineer’s, Daniel Calvert, recently made a site visit to the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station, located at Rothera Point on Adelaide Island.

The purpose of the visit was to carry out service (the first) of the 16m³/d SWRO plant fitted at the base way back in 2002. Whilst he was there he befriended a few of the locals!

The plant has been operating for over 12 years at Rothera Research Station, providing potable water for the base personnel. During the visit the plant was found to be in excellent condition being maintained on a regular basis by the staff. 

On the 1st April (yes April Fools Day!) we took part in a “Brew Stop Bake-off Sale” employees baked individual sized bakes that could be easily consumed whilst drinking a brew.

Donations were made and we raised £122.50. Company Directors, Stephen Grindrod and Daniel Shackleton matched this, so we are handing a cheque of a £245.00 over to Spring Hill Hospice in Rochdale, which provides Specialist Palliative Care for people with life-limiting illness.

The Hospice is an independent charitable organisation and relies on voluntary contributions in order to keep the doors open.

Recently Salt Separation Services has had its biggest baby boom since opening 25 years ago - we’re wondering what’s in our Reverse Oosmosis plant water at the moment!!!

Kim Snell, one of our Technical Secretaries, has recently returned from maternity leave after having her daughter Evalynn. In January, our Test Engineer Jev Sakirovs wife had a baby girl named Aurita. Also in January, David Brandwood, one of the design team, became a father to Emelia.

In March, Leigh Connor, our Sales and Service Manager and his wife had a baby girl Misaki.

Nicola Ramsden, our Sales Co-Ordinator is currently off on maternity leave after introducing baby Thomas into the world.

James Schofield a member of the service department is to become a father this month! And finally Sarah Grindrod became a “mummy” to a Westy puppy named Franklin! 

Our Lloyds register Quality Assurance certificate has just been renewed. The Audit was undertaken in February 2015 taking 3 days to complete - confirming continued compliance with the assessment criteria and certificate scope against the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

A quote from the certificate renewal report stated that: “Staff were interviewed across a range of job roles including top management and demonstrated to a high commitment to the business and contribution to its success”.