Kevin Boynton – Welder/Fabricator Senior

Kevin’s Salt Sep Journey

Kevin is a highly experienced welder/fabricator who has come from a background of having his own fabrication shop to working with us here at Salt Sep. Initially, he dedicated six years of his career to honing his skills as a welder/fabricator here at Salt Sep. Kevin briefly left us however returned seamlessly into his position and even advanced further in his career. Recently, he has completed an ITM Mentoring Course, which now grants him the opportunity to take on a new responsibility of training incoming apprentices. With his extensive experience and newly acquired mentoring skills, Kevin will play a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing the next generation of welders/fabricators.

What Kevin Likes About Working at Salt Sep

Working at Salt Sep has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for Kevin, who has found a true sense of belonging and stability within the company. The welcoming atmosphere combined with the support and opportunities for advancement, have created an environment where Kevin feels settled, supported, and motivated to excel.

What a Typical Day is Like for Kevin

Kevin’s job at Salt Sep can be best described as dynamic and ever-changing. His role as a senior welder/fabricator entails navigating a fast-paced environment where each day brings new and unexpected challenges. One aspect of Kevin’s role that he finds particularly fulfilling is the opportunity to teach and mentor others. Sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with colleagues and apprentices is a rewarding experience that fuels his passion for his craft.

What Kevin Does in his Free Time

In his free time, Kevin is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. His commitment to health and fitness is evident through his regular visits to the gym.