Kirsty Devine – Finance Operations Associate

Kirsty’s Salt Sep Journey

For sixteen years, Kirsty has been working at Salt Sep, taking on a variety of roles. After completing a level 3 course in childcare at college, Kirsty began her journey here with us as a receptionist. From this, she then transitioned to the role of a technical secretary before finding her now position of a finance operations associate, where she excels in managing various financial tasks. To further enhance her expertise, Kirsty is set to undertake an AAT level 2 accountancy degree in September.

What Kirsty Likes About Working at Salt Sep

One element of Salt Sep that Kirsty truly appreciates is the unwavering support it provides for career progression. From her initial role as a receptionist to her current position as a finance operations associate, Salt Sep has consistently nurtured her growth and development, allowing her to explore different roles and departments. She also appreciates the businesses commitment to its core values and how that creates a safe and friendly environment to work in.

What a Typical Day is Like for Kirsty

Kirsty finds that each day at Salt Sep brings new and exciting challenges. A typical day for her involves reconciling credit cards and actively communicating with customers to resolve any issues. The unpredictable nature of her job presents all kinds of challenging tasks and hurdles to overcome, which have been a great opportunity for growth and learning.

What Kirsty Does in her Free Time

In her free time, Kirsty dedicates herself wholeheartedly to her role as a parent. Her primary focus revolves around taking care of her children, ensuring their well-being and happiness by doing activities with them such as taking them to football.