Martin Howard – Head of Sales

Martin’s Salt Sep Journey

Since September 2023, Martin Howard has been the Head of Salt Sep’s Sales Department, steering the ship towards new heights. With over 30 years of experience in the waste/water industry, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Head of Sales. Martin’s role includes managing and overseeing all aspects of sales, including capital and aftersales, customer relationship management, revenue and profit projections. His journey in the industry began as a design engineer, progressing through project management, commissioning and eventually sales and commercial roles with a focus on membrane applications for the last 25 years.

What Martin Likes About Working at Salt Sep

Martin’s attraction to Salt Sep is rooted in the quality of the products and services we consistently produce. Having previously moved in similar circles to Salt Sep during his time with other organisations, he has always admired Salt Sep’s commitment to excellence. The naval and marine market sectors, in particular, hold a special place in Martin’s heart due to his longstanding experience in defence-related work.

“Being presented with the chance to work within the organisation was an opportunity I was never going to pass on.”

What a Typical Day is Like for Martin

Martin finds there is no typical day at Salt Sep; every day presents a new set of challenges and exciting opportunities to grow for business and personal growth, not only for himself but for his expanding Sales Team. On a functional level, daily engagements span across a diverse spectrum, involving customers, market sectors, applications, suppliers and partners. Considering the recent growth and future aspirations, Martin considers himself fortunate to have become part of Salt Sep during this exceptionally exciting time in its history.

What Martin Does in his Free Time

As a father to two almost grown-up children, Martin now has a bit more free time to explore new pursuits. While not engaged in his professional responsibilities, he enjoys activities like walking, cycling, maintaining a reasonable level of fitness and nurturing a recently discovered talent for carpentry (thanks to Covid).