Richard Hill – Aftersales Senior

Richard’s Salt Sep Journey

Richard has dedicated an impressive 14 years of service to Salt Sep, having joined the company in 2009. Throughout his time here, he has been an integral part of the aftersales team, starting as an assistant coordinator and progressing to his current role as an aftersales senior. Before joining Salt Sep, Richard gained valuable experience in the marketing field, bringing a diverse skill set to our team. Richard’s commitment to professional growth is evident through his accomplishments. He has obtained the qualification for shipping dangerous goods, demonstrating his expertise in handling hazardous materials. More recently, Richard has completed mentoring training, equipping him with the valuable ability to guide and train others. With over a decade of experience and a diverse range of skills, Richard continues to contribute to Salt Sep’s success and remains a valuable asset to the aftersales team.

What Richard Likes About Working at Salt Sep

One of the aspects Richard enjoys about working at Salt Sep is the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people. From colleagues to customers, he values the chance to engage with individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. Richard particularly enjoys building relationships with certain customers, finding fulfilment in providing them with exceptional service. Richard treasures the relationships he has formed with his colleagues here at Salt Sep. He values all the help and support he receives from his team members.

What a Typical Day is Like for Richard

Within the aftersales department, Richard’s responsibilities are varied and demanding. From procurement to arranging shipments and preparing quotations, he adeptly manages multiple tasks while meeting tight deadlines. Additionally, Richard provides technical support to address customer inquiries and assist colleagues with technical issues, drawing on his expertise to ensure prompt and effective resolutions.

What Richard Does in his Free Time

When he’s not working, Richard enjoys spending quality time with his family by going out on day trips. He values the opportunity to break away from the demands of work and immerse himself in leisurely activities alongside his loved ones.