Rob Patterson – Head of Technical

Rob’s Salt Sep Journey

Rob has been our head of technical at Salt Sep since starting in November 2022. Before joining Salt Sep, for 15 years, Rob was a process engineer for a large multinational chemical manufacturer. His decision to join Salt Sep was motivated by accepting a new challenge in his career and the enticing prospect of defence contracts, particularly the captivating projects involving the navy and the military.

What Rob Likes About Working at Salt Sep

Since joining Salt Sep, Rob has discovered a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that has made him feel a sense of belonging. He values the abundance of opportunities for improvement within the company. Rob’s fascination with water, considering it one of the most captivating substances on Earth, played a big role in attracting him to Salt Sep.

What a Typical Day is Like for Rob

Rob’s typical day is a blend of technical support, project management, and leadership responsibilities. He spends a significant portion of the day providing technical support throughout the business, to various teams including projects, sales, aftersales, and service. Simultaneously, Rob is dedicated to delivering high-level improvement projects, designing, maintaining, and improving technical standards.

What Rob Does in his Free Time

Outside of his professional commitments, Rob is a devoted family man, as he invests a lot of his time in supporting his children’s hobbies. Additionally, Rob indulges in his personal interests by playing golf and mountain biking.