Product Spotlight: SpectraGuard111

Working with Genesys Limited, Salt Separation Services are pleased to be able to offer SpectraGuard111 for the Marine and offshore industries.

SG111 is the latest innovation in antiscalant/dispersant technology, best suited in seawater Reverse Osmosis applications. In principle, it is an 11 x more concentrated solution designed to handle high levels of carbonate and sulphate scaling. In addition, it can provide a degree of iron and silica scale inhibition – guaranteeing a stable performance with complete control of the feed water chemistry.

PWT Chemicals ™

We can offer the full support for transitioning from currently used chemicals. With our comprehensive in-house projection tools, we would be able to give exact dosage advices. Financial analysis reports can also be offered as part of the technical support provided.

When compare to the traditional products, SG111 can provide the following benefits:

  • Up to 90% less space requirements!
  • Up to 90% less waste from packaging!
  • Less waste management needed!
  • Lower cost option over bulk buying normal antiscalant!
  • Savings in shipping/freight!
  • Decrease ordering/restocking frequency!
  • Up to 2 years of potential shelf life!
  • No extra equipment required!

For further information please contact us ( for more details and we will provide the product data sheet and MSDS upon request.