Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme, operating since 2014, that helps companies to demonstrate commitment to the security controls put in place to protect the data that we hold.

Cyber Essentials gives peace of mind that we are protected from the most common cyber threats. On average it can prevent around 80% of attacks as it ensures that boundary firewalls and internet gateway, have secure configurations as well as making sure that there is some method of patch management and malware protection to prevent threats occurring.

In order for us to achieve the accreditation, the IT infrastructure had to undergo testing to prove via technical verification that our systems are secure.

These tests included:

  • E-mail and downloads tests – to confirm harmful content could not pass through to our IT systems and was effectively blocked by the security measures we have in place.
  • Internal and external scans on our network to check for common vulnerabilities.

Salt Separation Services have maintained:

Cyber Essentials Basic since 2017

Cyber Essentials Plus since 2019