Jev Sakirov – Service Engineer

Jev’s Salt Sep Journey

Jev initially joined Salt Sep in 2013, starting his career with us as a Service Engineer, however in 2016 decided to leave the company for a period of two years before returning to us, resuming his previous role of a service engineer. Before working for Salt Sep, Jev was a field service engineer, where he successfully obtained a degree in mechanical and environmental engineering.

What Jev Likes About Working at Salt Sep

One aspect that Jev truly appreciated about working at Salt Sep is our commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We understand the importance of family time, and therefore, we carefully organise site visits, allowing Jev to have meaningful breaks at home between jobs. He also values the constant availability of team members who willingly provide assistance whenever needed, no matter if he is on site or here at Salt Sep. Furthermore, Jev feels very grateful for Salt Sep’s willingness to listen and acknowledge his ideas. We take employee’s ideas seriously, especially when it comes to identifying courses that would be beneficial for professional growth.

What a Typical Day is Like for Jev

Jev’s job is ever-changing and presents a new set of tasks everyday. Some of his tasks include providing technical support to customers over the phone, testing equipment and supporting the sales  and aftersales teams in creating quotes and dealing with orders. When Jev is on site, each visit brings a unique experience, as he has to tackle any issues he is faced with. This is where he is also at the privilege of getting to encounter a diverse range of individuals from various industries, allowing him to forge new connections and expand his professional network. Overall, Jev finds immense fulfilment in the dynamic nature of his job, as it keeps him engaged, challenged, and allows him to make a significant impact within Salt Sep and with our valued customers.

What Jev Does in his Free Time

In Jev’s free time, he embraces a diverse range of activities such as cycling and swimming. Recently, he has discovered a new passion for playing the guitar and has even formed a small family band with his daughter.