Reverse Osmosis plants for Industrial applications

We support industries including pharmaceutical, dairy, power, aviation, and food and beverage.

Industrial water treatment and production.

We have worked in the industrial water treatment segment since 1990, from the production of ultrapure water in the semi-conductor industry; to waste water recovery in dairy operations.

We design, manufacture, test and install RO plants in a variety of industrial applications including pharmaceutical, dairies, power stations, airports and even a large department store!

Custom built to specification

By offering a bespoke solution, we are able to meet the clients requirements which may include:-

  • Specific footprint/dimensional requirements.
  • Client specified components (i.e. instrumentation, pumps and control from specific vendors or manufacturers).

We can use the latest membrane technology to offer solutions that meet the highest salt rejection characteristics at low energy consumption.

Retrofits and upgrades

Our experience also covers pre-treatment and post treatment to suit the needs of the particular feed water and the required product water quality.

Our Services

Design and Manufacturing

Service and Commissioning

Spares and Consumables

Reverse Osmosis Plant Hire