Reverse Osmosis Plant Hire

We understand that industries depend on water for production and that frequent interruptions in water supply can cause severe problems to your business. If available, plant hire can be arranged at short notice.

Reverse Osmosis systems for hire on long and short term basis

Whether meeting peak demand periods, covering equipment breakdowns, maintenance periods or for plant commissioning and pilot plant trials, contact us for our availability.

Pre-treatment and dosing options available

The water treatment plants we provide are fully tested prior to being shipped to your site and are able to be supplied as a package with a full complement of chemicals and consumables.

We also offer routine servicing for longer periods of hire to ensure continued availability of the equipment.

Training can also be provided if requested.

Hire Plants

The hire plants we have available include the following:

  • 10 m³/d BWRO plant c/w cartridge filtration, antiscalant dosing and bisulphite dosing (usually used for RO/NF pilot trials).
  • 30 m³/d SWRO plant c/w pre and post treatment mounted in a 10’ DNV container, rated ATEX Zone 2.
  • 35 m³/d SWRO Plant complete with pre and post treatment skid-mounted.
  • 50 to 65 m³/d SWRO plant c/w basic pre and post treatment, skid-mounted.
  • Pilot media filter unit (100 mm diameter vessel).
  • Pilot RO unit for low pressure applications, uses 2½” membrane elements.
  • Pilot Ultrafiltration system.

We are increasing the number and size of our hire units all the time. Please contact us for more information and availability regarding our water treatment plants.

    Reverse Osmosis Plant Hire is available in the following sectors

    RO plants - cruise ships

    Providing RO plants for new build retrofit or upgrade.

    RO plant - naval ships

    Supplying fresh water to naval and land based forces worldwide.

    RO plant - oil and gas

    Plants for both safe area and ATEX applications.

    RO plant - industry

    From ultrapure water to waste water, we have a solution.