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When it comes to desalination technology, Salt Separation Services are your comprehensive solution. As a one-stop-shop, we handle all your requirements with ease. 

Our extensive network of partners and suppliers means we can streamline the process, minimising the number of contracts you need to manage. 

With us by your side, you can experience the convenience that comes with working with a desalination partner with over 30 years’ experience in water treatment systems.

As you’d expect, we have all the right approvals. We can handle complex specifications and deliver a bespoke plant, tailored to your needs with every consideration met.

But for us it doesn’t stop on delivery, our relationship with you continues with our service team, aiming to support you with quick and easy access to spares, repairs and maintenance, keeping you fully functioning 24/7.

Simplify your desalination journey with Salt Separation Services, contact us today for a quote. 

Our Capabilities


Design and Manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing team boasts a wealth of experience in reverse osmosis plants and work quickly to bring your plant to fruition.


Service and Commissioning

We have a dedicated service team that is prepped and ready to go. Wherever you are in the world, our team are here to keep you operational and minimise your downtime.


Spares and Consumables

With long term relationships with key spares suppliers, we can respond quickly to your needs. Ask us about our spares and servicing agreements, for extra peace of mind.


Plant Hire

Salt Separation Services can also provide plant hire packages for water treatment systems that satisfy your process requirements.

Your water, in safe hands

Based in Rochdale (near Manchester), Salt Separation Services specialises in the design and manufacture of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment systems used in Defence, Oil and Gas, Cruise and Industrial applications.

Our Sector Experience

Naval Ship Water Treatment

Supplying fresh water to naval and land based forces worldwide.

Water Treatment in the Oil and Gas Industry

Plants for both safe area and ATEX applications.

Water Treatment Plants on Cruise Ships

Providing RO plants for new build retrofit or upgrade.

Industrial Water Treatment

From ultrapure water to waste water, we have a solution.

RO plants - cruise ships

Providing RO plants for new build retrofit or upgrade.

RO plant - naval ships

Supplying fresh water to naval and land based forces worldwide.

RO plant - oil and gas

Plants for both safe area and ATEX applications.

RO plant - industry

From ultrapure water to waste water, we have a solution.

51 RO plants producing in excess of 21,000 m³/d installed on cruise ships worldwide.

Over 263 RO plants installed on naval vessels, with a combined capacity of over 8,500 m³/d.

Our water treatment systems are installed and operated by 12 navies worldwide, including the UK Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy

41 RO plants installed on offshore installations - total capacity of over 1,400 m³/d.

Client Testimonials

Salt Separation Services attended site to carry out a service and clean on our RO set. Both gents were a pleasure to have on site and an asset to yourselves. I wanted to relay thanks to both. The results of the work they undertook under difficult conditions speaks volumes.

Industrial Client

Many thanks indeed for your help and kindness in hosting us on Wednesday for the EDI hydrogen trial and all the associated work, it is much appreciated. Yours is a great and impressive company to work with, which is refreshing and uplifting.

Naval Client

I would like to highlight the high level of commitment and work ethic of SSS members who came to our site in 2018 but also those who looked after organisational /administrative aspects which I personally appreciate enormously.

Pharmaceutical Client


We like to share our insights about reverse osmosis and the comings and goings within the business. Check out our company updates page.

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