Conor Weldon – Workshop Engineering Apprentice

Conor’s Salt Sep Journey

Conor has worked at Salt Sep for just over 5 years. Joining us straight out of school, he has acquired a diverse range of skills through his involvement in various roles, such as fitting, fabricating, welding and project engineering. During his time with us, Conor has successfully completed his level 2 course in mechanical engineering at college and is continuing this journey by currently undergoing his level 3.

What Conor Likes About Working at Salt Sep

What Conor appreciates most about working at Salt Sep is the people he works with. He finds the positive relationships with his colleagues create a pleasant and supportive atmosphere to work in. Additionally, Conor highly values Salt Sep’s commitment to employee development, providing numerous opportunities for career progression and personal growth. He also appreciates the tremendous support he receives from both his managers and co-workers who are always there to lend a helping hand whenever he faces challenges or needs assistance. This strong support network has contributed greatly to creating a positive and encouraging work environment.

What a Typical Day is Like for Conor

Each day here at Salt Sep presents Conor with a unique set of tasks and responsibilities. Depending on what projects we currently have running, the tasks assigned to him vary, ensuring that monotony is far from the norm. Every day brings a new challenge, keeping the work engaging and stimulating.

What Conor Does in his Free Time

Outside of work, Conor is a passionate football fan as he finds great joy in supporting his favourite team by attending matches. He also has an appreciation for live music and enjoys going to see bands play live.