Adam Pearson – Project Engineer

Adam’s Salt Sep Journey

Having joined our team six years ago as a Machinist, Adam’s career has flourished, culminating in his transition to the role of a Project Engineer over the past year. Prior to his tenure at Salt Sep, Adam accumulated a wealth of experience in various customer service roles over the span of eleven years. While working here, Adam has attained his HNC in Mechanical Engineering, allowing him to expand his knowledge and opening him up to many more opportunities.

What Adam Likes About Working at Salt Sep

As a Project Engineer, Adam thrives on the challenges that come with the role, constantly pushing his limits to deliver exceptional results. Adam takes great pride in the plants we produce and finds that being part of a company that produces reverse osmosis plants adds a sense of uniqueness to his work, fuelling his passion for what he does. Additionally, Adam cherishes the opportunity to work closely with our valued customers, appreciating the diverse interactions and collaborations. Equally important to Adam’s positive experience at Salt Sep are the strong relationships he has cultivated with his colleagues. He values the help and support he receives from his team, recognising their contributions and helping him overcome challenges.

What a Typical Day is Like for Adam

In his day-to-day work, Adam encounters a constant stream of surprises, as each day brings something new and different tasks to tackle. No two days are the same as he navigates a diverse range of responsibilities. Adam must be prepared to handle unexpected challenges and find innovative solutions.

What Adam Does in his Free Time

When it comes to what Adam fills his free time with, one of his current favourite activities is to unwind by playing golf. Beyond this, Adam also prioritises spending quality time with his daughter.