John Grimshaw – Head of Operations

John’s Salt Sep Journey

Having worked at Salt Sep since June 2023, John Grimshaw, our Head of Operations, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the team.

John’s professional journey began as an apprentice toolmaker, specialising in manufacturing tools for the automotive industry. Evolving through various roles including CAD design for renowned companies such as MEM250, Ford and Jaguar, John has accumulated a diverse skill set. His career has spanned roles in design, quality and product management, showing his versatility and adaptability. What sets John apart is his love for the technical management of people and his ability to solve problems others may find challenging.

What John Likes About Working at Salt Sep

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Salt Sep, John emphasised the ever-changing nature of his role – “No two days are the same; I can turn up at 6am, leave at 6pm and feel like I’ve only been here 12 minutes,”. John admires the passion and enthusiasm displayed by his colleagues, who share a deep commitment to the often-overlooked field of water technology.

What a Typical Day is Like for John

A typical day for John kicks off with a sit-rep meeting, where departmental leaders discuss the day’s agenda and offer support to one another. His role involves removing roadblocks for his team; ensuring they can work efficiently and effectively. With a keen focus on problem-solving, John engages in various tasks, from addressing IT infrastructure challenges to planning production schedules around unforeseen events.

John places a high priority on ensuring the effective delivery of products to customers, always with the ultimate end goal of customer satisfaction. He emphasises continual improvement in processes and systems, targeting every interaction to deliver on time, within budget and in full.

What John Does in his Free Time

Outside of his professional life, John maintains a well-rounded life by engaging in various hobbies. He enjoys going for walks with his three dogs – Snoop, Lola and Winston. Currently in training for the Manchester marathon in April, John also finds time for pursuits like boxing, gym workouts and indulging his love for food.

Moreover, John dedicates a significant portion of his free time to volunteer work. As a STEM ambassador, he promotes the engineering profession by visiting schools, colleges and universities. He has collaborated with Warwick University to set up engineering projects for students.

In addition, John volunteers for the Project Management Institute,, where he began as a mentee three years ago and now serves as the Director of Professional Development for the UK Chapter.

As if that weren’t enough, John extends his expertise to the community by hosting free CAD sessions monthly at Warrington’s Coder Dojo, (the UK’s largest free regular STEM event) hosted at FabLab’s Warrington. These sessions provide valuable opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge, ranging from 12-year-olds that want to 3D print an idea through to retired software engineers finding something to do in their spare time.