Kim Zallmann – Health & Safety/Facilities Senior

Kim’s Salt Sep Journey

Kim has been working here at Salt Sep for 15 years. Over the years, she has demonstrated her versatility and adaptability by taking on various roles within the business, Kim’s journey at Salt Sep has been nothing short of impressive. Starting as a technical secretary, she then moved onto the role of QA secretary, where she played a vital role in maintaining quality standards and ensuring compliance with regulations. For the past fifteen months, Kim has been serving as Salt Sep’s Health & Safety Specialist, taking charge of creating a safe and secure work environment for everyone. Before her many years of working at Salt Sep, Kim embarked on a professional journey which started right after leaving school, where she spent two years as a purchasing assistant.

What Kim Likes About Working at Salt Sep

What truly sets Salt Sep apart for Kim is the strong sense of family that permeates throughout the organisation. As a family-owned business, we have placed immense importance on upholding core values and treating each employee with respect and equality. Another aspect of Salt Sep which Kim appreciates is the opportunity we provide for internal training and development. This has allowed her to explore new career paths within the company and continuously expand her skillset.

What a Typical Day is Like for Kim

Due to the nature of Kim’s role within the business, every day is a unique adventure for her. Her work entails facing a constant stream of diverse challenges and requires her to be very reactive. Problem solving is not only a necessary skill but also an integral part of her daily routine. On top of that, she handles the building maintenance responsibilities, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Kim’s schedule is often packed, and the workload can be demanding, but she thrives in this fast-paced environment where no two days are ever the same. She embraces the constant variety and cherishes the opportunity to navigate through diverse challenges, making her profession an exhilarating and enjoyable experience.

What Kim Does in her Free Time

Outside of work, Kim loves to spend time with her family. With two young children who constantly keep her on her toes, her free time is filled with joyful chaos and endless laughter. In addition to this, she also recognises the importance of nurturing her relationship with her husband. After 15 years together, they finally celebrated their marriage last year, and Kim makes it a point to prioritise their bond by setting aside time for occasional date nights.