Anthony Hilton – Technical Build Manager

Anthony’s Salt Sep Journey

Anthony has been a devoted member of the Salt Sep family for an impressive eighteen years, showcasing his commitment and loyalty to the company. Straight from college, where he studied mechanical engineering, Anthony joined Salt Sep as a mechanical fitting apprentice. After this, he then spent a commendable six years as a service engineer, before assuming the role of workshop manager for two years, successfully overseeing various projects and ensuring the smooth operation of his department. Due to his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment, Anthony was subsequently appointed as production manager, a position he has held for the past two years. He has now moved into a technical build manager role which includes quality, technical support, design, training and product improvement/standardisation. During his time here, Anthony has also completed an array of different qualifications ranging from the ILM team leader supervisor and manufacturers alliance team leader.

What Anthony Likes About Working at Salt Sep

The main thing Anthony truly appreciates about working at Salt Sep is the deep sense of fulfilment he derives from being part of the company’s product journey. From the initial stages to the final result, he takes immense pride in witnessing how the team’s efforts culminate in the creation of high-quality reverse osmosis equipment. Furthermore, Anthony finds great joy in collaborating with a team of talented engineers. Working alongside individuals who share his passion for excellence allows him to exchange ideas, learn from one another and collectively deliver outstanding results.

What a Typical Day is Like for Anthony

A typical day for Anthony here at Salt Sep is a dynamic and challenging experience. As a technical build manager, he oversees and manages a team of commissioning engineers and electrical technicians. Anthony provides valuable assistance on the design, construction and testing of the plants we produce. He works closely with the engineers, offering his expertise to address any technical challenges that arise throughout the process.

What Anthony Does in his Free Time

Outside of work, Anthony is a loving father to his two year old daughter and treasures the moments they spend together. As well as this, he finds enjoyment in going for walks and attending music festivals.