Sarah Ashworth – Managing Director

Sarah’s Salt Sep Journey

At the core of Salt Sep is Sarah Ashworth, our dedicated Managing Director, contributing significantly to shaping Salt Sep for a remarkable 12 years. Sarah’s journey with us traces back to her early teenage years when, at the age of 13, she gave up her Saturdays to come and work for us. After earning a degree in business management from Leeds university, Sarah transitioned into a full-time role at Salt Sep as a Service Coordinator in 2012. Through her commitment to the company, she earnt the promotion of Service Supervisor in 2017 and ultimately ascended to the role of Managing Director in 2019.

What Sarah Likes About Working at Salt Sep

What draws Sarah to Salt Sep is not just the work but the people and the family environment that permeates the workplace. The sense of pride derived from supporting the front line, such as the navy and army, resonates deeply with her. Sarah takes great satisfaction in knowing that Salt Sep’s contributions play a pivotal role in supporting the armed forces. Moreover, she holds an appreciation for the truly remarkable products we manufacture.

What a Typical Day is Like for Sarah

Sarah’s schedule is brimming with responsibilities that include people management, strategic planning and the supervision of day-to-day operations. This involves tackling challenges related to personnel, involvement in production and management meetings and engaging in forward-looking discussions to shape the future of Salt Sep. Her wide-ranging responsibilities extend from providing support to the senior leadership team to overseeing various business operations, spanning from human resources to finance.

What Sarah Does in her Free Time

Beyond her busy Salt Sep life, Sarah leads a fulfilling life as a mother to two young children. Balancing the demands of her professional and personal life, she finds joy in delving into fiction books and going on days out to the seaside.