Stacy Gouhar – Head of Finance

Stacy’s Salt Sep Journey

Stacy has served as Salt Sep’s Head of Finance for over a year, bringing over two decades of financial expertise to her role. Her responsibilities include managing the financial risk of the business, ensuring we are compliant with legal requirements, maximising profits, overseeing inventory and looking after procurement. Stacy’s financial journey began 20 years ago, starting as a finance assistant and progressing to Head of Finance in previous roles.

What Stacy Likes About Working at Salt Sep

Stacy thrives on the dynamic nature of each day at Salt Sep. She appreciates the team’s readiness for challenges and finds that everyone is great to work with. The collaborative environment, coupled with the positive attitude of her colleagues, makes every day a rewarding experience for Stacy.

What a Typical Day is Like for Stacy

In Stacy’s world, a typical day is a whirlwind of activity. Juggling the intricate details of accounts, overseeing procurement, and ensuring that the warehouse is operating optimally keeps her engaged and proactive. Her ability to navigate through these diverse responsibilities contributes significantly to the financial health of Salt Sep.

What Stacy Does in her Free Time

Outside of work, Stacy is a devoted parent with a family-centred focus. Her household also includes a dog, Woody, and two rabbits, Lily and Peter. Amidst her busy schedule, Stacy prioritises regular visits to the gym, where she enjoys weightlifting.