400 m³/d Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant

We were chosen to design, manufacture, commission and supervise the installation of a 400 m³/d Seawater Reverse Osmosis plant. It was installed to supplement existing fresh water production, primarily due to the changing cruising patterns and the availability and cost of bunkered potable water from shore.

Project Details

The plant was designed to be installed whilst the ship was at sea with only the through-hull valves installed during a dry-dock period

With all the equipment being routed via a cargo hatch on the ships side into the engine room, all equipment had to be within certain size and weights limitations.

Prior to stripping-down and packing, we manufactured and tested the plant in our workshops.

The installation of the plant was completed by a team of sub-contractors under the supervision of one of our engineers, over a three week period. One of our commissioning engineers then joined the ship to complete the commissioning of the plant and provide training to the ships staff.

The plant comprises of:

  • Automated suction/discharge valves
  • Suction strainer
  • Feed/backwash pump
  • Two sand filters in parallel (one single sand filter solution was too large to fit thorough the water tight doors)
  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Cartridge filtration
  • High pressure pumps
  • RO stack
  • Automatic permeate dump system
  • Permeate reminerlisation (c/w CO2 injection)
  • Hypochlorite dosing

The electrical control panel provides operator interface, annunciates all alarm conditions/safety trips and controls the automatic backwash operation of the sand filters. Installation and commissioning was completed on schedule with no inconvenience to the ships staff or passenger.

If Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination plants are of interest, please contact us for more details.